MFK Ruzomberok - FC DAC 1904 Dunajska Streda 0:1 (0:0)

In the fifth playoff round of the Fortuna league played Ružomberok with Dunajská Streda.
0:1 (0:0)
Štadión pod Čebraťom, Ružomberok
MFK Ružomberok vs FC DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda

MFK Ružomberok: Krajčírik – Mrva, Jonec, Holub – Ďungel, Miroslav Almaský (63. Kochan), Zsigmund (74. Kmeť), Takáč, Madleňák – R. Kružliak, Regáli (58. Gerec)

FC DAC 1904 Dunajská Streda: Jedlička – Malý, D. Kružliak, Davis – Njie – Schäfer, Fábry (74. Sharani), A. Balič – Divkovič (46. Blackman), Kalmár (88. Šimčák), Ramirez

Goal: 81. Ramirez

Yellow cards: 59. Madleňák – 24. A. Balić, 49. Kalmár, 90.+3 Blackman

Referees: Ziemba – Ferenc, Hrmo

Spectators: 848


In the eleventh minute guest defender blocked dangerous Kružliak´s shot. After eight minutes Kružliak did not use Madleňák´s pass and missed the target in a big chance. In the twenty-first minute Jedlička tipped Regáli´s shot from border of the penalty area. About eleven minutes later Ramirez missed the target. In the thirty-eighth minute Divković missed the target from behind of the penalty area.

In the sixty-first minute Krajčírik tipped Kalmár´s shot from a penalty kick. After one minute Jedlička tipped dangerous Mrva´s shot. In the sixty-eighth minute Ďungel did not use Mrva´s pass and guest goalie caught his attempt from border of the penalty area. About eight minutes later Jedlička tipped two dangerous Kružliak´s shot in his biggest chance in the match. In the eighty-first minute Ramirez used Sharani´s pass and scored – 0:1. At the end of the match Gerec blocked Ďungel´s shot in the big chance. Ružomberok lost 0:1 and finished in fifth place in the Fortuna league.

Ján Haspra (head coach of MFK Ružomberok): „In my coaching career, it has seldom happened to me what today that I am very satisfied despite the loss. Because we put together a group of boys who have played less or are after injury and played a balanced game with an opponent who belongs to the narrow top of the Slovak league, we were even a better team in some passages. We had goal chances that we didn´t change, but I am giving the boys appreciation of how they played today´s match. It was a pleasure to look at them. In Ružomberok we have taken care of the future. They were mostly our domestic boys , so great joy. I want to congratulate my opponent for the whole season. I am one of the big fans of Dunajská Streda, because such clubs as Dunajská Streda are needed in our league as many as possible to make the league better and more interesting.“