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V May 2015 byly zveřejněny tyto aktuality:

20.5.Results U16 categoryDuring the last days brought us the most joy U16 category, which decided on his victory profits championship title. In addition to their fullest and scored the U14, U17 selection draws and older pupils U15 came down on the grass without a point.
28.5.Youth national teamSlovak national team in fifteen years, took place on 25 and 27 May 2015 in NTC Senec two preparatory meetings with peers from Northern Ireland. In the first meeting, which followed our goalkeeper Ivo Krajčírik position of substitute goalkeeper, overcame trainees Petra Stefanakis 3: 1. The second match has played our goalie and SR "15" in it tied 3: 3.
31.5.Ivo Krajčírik in national teamIvo Krajčírik is nominated for a friendly doubleheader SR "15" in the selection of the youngest national team is also our goalkeeper Ivo Krajčírik. SR matches "15" 25. 5. 2015 at 15:00 Slovakia "15" - Northern Ireland "15" (NTC Senec) 27. 5. 2015 at 11:00 Slovakia "15" - Northern Ireland "15" (NTC Senec)