The beginnings of football in Ruzomberok fall within the period 1902-1903. Its development greatly helped. Italian immigrants workers. Those, along with the citizens of the city founded in 1906, the first football club Concordia

The outbreak of the first world war, however, was its demise, as players were called to the front. However, even in time of war they gathered the boys Rybárpoľská strojárne, under the leadership of E. Stančok founded May 1, 1918 Cs. Sports Club Victoria. The next chapter in football is associated with the year 1927 when it arose ŠK Ruzomberok. His results at the end of the thirties and early forties are the most famous period in the whole history Ruzomberoks football. Excellent performances brought squad practice until I Slovak league. Later, in addition ŠK arose the next section - TJ RTZ Rybárpoľská in textile mills. After years of rivalry between these clubs have 1948 officials SKK and RTZ (at that time SBZ) shake hands, and so the new organization Sokol SBZ Ruzomberok. 

In 1953, the Sokol became Iskra Ruzomberok. Iskra has managed to win the championship and advance to the Region II. League. After two seasons, however, he followed again fall and some disillusionment in football. Linked to this is the creation of a new club - Slovan. In 1957 there again for the connection "division football city" - to create a citywide unity - TJ Ruzomberok. Since autumn 1959, and the team began to fight for the return of the parties II. League, who came out in the spring of 1962. Fans joy did not last long: after the annual descent of action followed in a regional championship. 

Another turning point occurred in the second half of 1968, when the trainer D. Kriak came to Ruzomberok. Mainly due to the excellent autumn he carved a strengthened team in division when, during the whole competition has not left the leading position in the table. In the next year 1969-1970 Ruzomberok three point margin win the Eastern Division and the group became the new entrants Slovak national league. Interest in football in the city has grown considerably. The team actually performed successfully at the highest Republican contest. At the end of the seventies, however, following the fall, re-process, but subsequently drop out again. After one year of action in the Eastern Division of the group Ruzomberok again they fought their way into the first SNL. They do boarded 1981-1982 season under the leadership of which is largely involved in the process - J. Haspra. A whole, howev A whole, however, not very challenging competition and succeeded with a competition eventually had to say goodbye. And as it turned out, for eleven years.

The first half of the nineties Ruzomberoks soccer fans already know well. After years of activity in the second. SNL applicable EN Texicom in 1993, winning through to the second highest Slovak competition year 1996-1997 and into the first league with Trencin. Even as MSK Ruzomberok in this year also fought their way to the semifinal. Since the year 1997 Club operates in Mars Superliga and greatest successes achieved in the year. 2000-2001, when he finished in 3rd place and played in the finals of the National Cup. These achievements provide him and participation in the European UEFA Cup. Third place in the top league has also brought 2003-2004 season. 

On the biggest and most memorable football success he had to wait in Ruzomberok equal 100 years. At these celebrations round the 2005-2006 season, they celebrated also other equally important victory. The title of "winner Slovak Cup 2005-2006" and "Master of the Slovak Republic, Champions League 2005-2006". MFK Ruzomberok thus became only the third club in the top league history who gained valuable "double" and carved out by tender to the highest, in the Champions League, not very challenging competition and succeeded with a competition eventually had to say goodbye. And as it turned out, for eleven years.