Ruzomberok strengthened Martin Jakubko

MFK Ruzomberok obtained in first day of preparation, interesting backup, thirty-year forward Martin Jakubko, who signed a contract with the club until the end of season 2015/16.

What if the famous footballer hosting national experience to decide on its arrival under Čebrať? ,, Certainly it decided that the interest was from the beginning a very serious negotiations. Of course, that I have seen play Ruzomberok in winter training camp in Turkey, when I was still in Perm I played against Ruzomberok. Of course I know some guys here, such as Marek Sapara, who also participated in my transfer application. The person played in this crossing quite a big role, "he admitted new signing team from the Lower menu.

In addition to that measure forces with Perma our fans also remember Martina Jakubka of league battles in which he took against our team. How do you remember the mutual competitive games? ,, It was a long time ago, last I think it was three and a half years ago when I was in Bystrica. I tell the truth, that memories already passed, because a lot of time has passed. My head is that Ruzomberok was still a good team, so I hope I help Ruzomberok Ruzomberok and one for me, "about their expectations for former striker several Russian clubs.