FK Vojvodina - MFK Ružomberok 2:1 (2:0)

In the first qualifying round of Europa league played Ružomberok in Nový Sad with Serbian club FK Vojvodina.
2:1 (2:0)
Stadion Karađorđe, Nový Sad
FK Vojvodina vs MFK Ružomberok

FK Vojvodina: Rockov – Lakićević, Planić, Kovačević, Bureković – Jovančić, Vukasović, Mesarović (74. Bubalo) – Malbašić, Trujić, Subotić (83. Mihajlović)

MFK Ružomberok: Macík – P. Maslo, J. Maslo, Menich, Kupec – E. Daniel, Sapara (76. Ďubek), Qose (60. Takáč), Kochan, Gal Andrezly – Lačný (69. Gerec)

Goals: 8. and 21. Malbašić – 81. Daniel

Yellow cards: 10. Subotić, 66. Trujić – 51. Qose, 64. Kochan

Referees: Meler – Ersoy, Bilir (TUR)

Spectators: 6000


The match was played in a great atmosphere. In the eighth minute Malbašić scored – 1:0. After six minutes later Peter Maslo did not reach to the Sapara´s dangerous center. Subsequently Kochan missed the target. In the eighteenth minute Sapara just missed the target from behind the penalty area. Subsequently Malbašić missed the target. In the twenty-first minute Malbašic scored – 2:0. About three minutes later Macík caught Subotić´s attempt.

At the start of the second half time Peter Maslo just missed the target after a corner kick. In the fifty-third minute Rockov caught a dangerously blocked pass. After one minute guest players blocked Bureković´s shot at the corner kick and after corner kick Macík caught dangerous Planić´s shot. In the fifty-eighth minute Trujić missed the target from border of penalty area. About eight minutes later Macík tipped dangerous Trujić shot. In the seventy-third minute active Trujić again missed the target. After two minutes Rockov caught Gerec´s header. In the eighty-first minute Daniel scored – 2:1. About five minutes later Macík caught Mihajlovićs header and in the eighty-ninth minute Mihahlović missed the target after a corner kick.

Norbert Hrnčár (head coach of MFK Ružomberok): „I think the game had its own pace, it was an active game, playing up and down. We wanted to play actively and patiently, and in this game we wanted to score a goal and make a result that would give us the chance for the second match, which we managed, so it is open and I believe that there will be a full stadium in our city and we want to take action and we want to proceed.“