MFK Ruzomberok - AS Trencin 2:2 (0:2)

In the first round of the Fortuna league played Ružomberok with Trenčín.
2:2 (0:2)
Štadión pod Čebraťom, Ružomberok
1. kolo, 19:00
MFK Ružomberok vs AS Trenčín

MFK Ružomberok: Macík – Čurma, Maslo, Mojžiš – Kojnok (60. Brenkus), Kostadinov (81. Mrva), Múdry (81. Zsigmund), Takáč (46. Kochan), Ďungel – Regáli (77. Kružliak), Gerec

AS Trenčín: Bergsen – Yem, Križan, Kapuadi, Pirinen – Roguljić (74. Čataković), El Mahdioui, Corryn (65. Kadák) – Azango, Ikoba (74. Šulek), Ghali (55. Bukari)

Goals: 86. Maslo (z 11m), 90.+3 Brenkus – 6. a 33. Ikoba

Yellow cards: 53. Gerec, 59. Kojnok, 72. Kochan, 81. Kostadinov, 89. Mojžiš – 15. Yem, 37. Ikoba, 50. Kapuadi, 51. Križan

Red card: 67. Kapuadi (after second yellow card)

Referees: Micheľ – Ádám, Straka

Spectators: 1232


In the sixth minute Ikoba scored after a free kick – 0:1. Subsequently guest goalie Bergsen tipped Gerec´s shot. In the thirty-second minute Kostadinov scored, but his goal was not recognized for the offside. Subsequently Ikoba used Ghali´s pass and scored – 0:2. After three minutes guest defender blocked Regáli´s shot. In the forty-first minute Macík tipped dangerous Azango´s shot.

In the fifty-eighth minute Gerec scored, but his goal was not recognized for the offside. After three minutes Ďungel did not use Regáli´s pass and missed the target from border of the penalty area. In the sixty-seventh minute guest player Kapuadi received the second yellow card and subsequently the red card. About eleven minutes later Macík tipped dangerous Kadák´s shot in a big chance. In the eighty-fifth minute Kružliak was fouled in the penalty area and Maslo scored from a penalty kick – 1:2. At the end of the match Brenkus used Mojžiš´s pass and scored – 2:2.

Ján Haspra (head coach of MFK Ružomberok): „First of all, I want to welcome the coach of the guests in Slovakia and wish him good luck with the AS Trenčín. I think that both the Ružomberok and Trenčín spectators can be satisfied, because it was a quality match on both sides. We gave an excellent performance in my eyes. During the whole match, we pushed the opponent from Trenčín and we did not allow him to put pressure, but his quality manifested itself in front, when he took the lead 2:0. However, it did not break us. We were still trying to do something about that match. Again, we paid for our weakness, which we all know about, but I won´t mention it, because I don´t like it and the boys don´t like to listen to it anymore. In the end, we pushed through with two goals in the end and in the end we are satisfied with the point, because the equalization came in the last minute. I think we deserved to win today for the performance, but that´s a strange statement from the coach, because the team that scores goals deserves to win and we scored the same number of goals as the opponent, so we take the point, the opponent mentioned, that too, so it is probably a well-deserved draw.“