MFK Ruzomberok - AS Trencin 3:3 (1:2)

In the sixth round of a Fortuna league played Ružomberok with Trenčín.
3:3 (1:2)
Štadión pod Čebraťom, Ružomberok
6. kolo, 18:30
MFK Ružomberok vs AS Trenčín

MFK Ružomberok: Macík – P. Maslo, Menich (46. Kupec), D. Kružliak, Qose – Daniel, Kochan (76. Jonec), Kostadinov, Gal Andrezly – Gerec, Haskič (59. Takáč)

AS Trenčín: Chovan – Kleščík, Šalata (46. Klooster), Šulek, Skovajsa – El Mahdioui – Paur (71. van Haaren), Zubairu – Gong, Mance, Janga (76. Beridze)

Goals: 25. Gerec, 49. Gal Andrezly, 84. Qose – 11. Paur, 14. Janga, 56. Mance

Referees: Vlk – Weiss, Bobko

Spectators: 1621


In the tenth minute Macík tipped dangerous Paur´s shot. Subsequently Paur scored after a Skovajsa´s corner kick – 0:1. In the fourteenth minute Janga used Gong´s pass and scored – 0:2. The there were more active domestic players. In the twenty-fifth minute scored Gerec – 1:2. Subsequently guest defensive players blocked Gal Andrezly´s and Haskić´s shots.

In the fourty-eighth minute Macík caught Janga´s shot. About one minute later scored Gal Andrezly – 2:2. In the fifty-sixth minute Mance used Gong´s pass ad scored – 2:3. After nine minutes Kostadinov from behind the penalty area missed the target. Subsequently guest player Mance missed the target. In the eighty-second minute Gerec missed the target in a big chance. About two minutes later Qose scored after a Takáč´s free kick – 3:3.

Norbert Hrnčár (head coach of MFK Ružomberok): „The opponent took the lead too early, I would say that after the funny mistakes that unfortunately belong to football. This time on our side. It was good that we were able to return to the match and the team showed strength. Both soccer and moral strength and indeed the football was mainly offensive with many nice offensive actions. Of course we, coaches will not be satisfied to have three goals in the own net, but this also belongs to football. So it was good that we were able to return to the match and even despite the unfavorable development we proved our quality.“