MFK Ruzomberok - FC ViOn Zlate Moravce - Vrable 2:1 (1:0)

In the ninth round of the Fortuna league played Ružomberok with Zlaté Moravce.
2:1 (1:0)
MFK Ružomberok
9. kolo, 19:00
MFK Ružomberok vs FC ViOn Zlaté Moravce - Vráble

MFK Ružomberok: Macík – Čurma, Maslo, Mrva – Kmeť, Takáč, Kochan (80. Kostadinov), Múdry (62. Filinský), Madleňák (80. Kojnok) – Almási, Gerec (73. Regáli)

FC ViOn Zlaté Moravce - Vráble: Chovan – Čögley, Menich, Moško, Chren – Hrnčár, Sloboda, Duga, Kovaľ (65. Kyziridis) – Ďubek (90.+1 Šmatlák) – Balaj

Goals: 35. Almási, 47. Kmeť – 90.2. Čögley

Yellow cards: 52. Madleňák, 63. Čurma – 33. Sloboda, 39. Duga, 65. Ďubek, 88. Menich

Red card: 59. Sloboda (after second yellow card)

Referees: Dohál – Somoláni, Straka


In the twenty-fourth minute Čurma just missed the target from behind of the penalty area. After ten minutes Almási used Takáč´s pass, bypassed guest goalie and scored – 1:0.

At the beginning of the second half time Kmeť used Almási´s pass and scored – 2:0. In the fifty-ninth minute guest player Sloboda received the second yellow card and subsequently the red card. After seven minutes Gerec just missed the target in a big chance. In the seventy-fifth minut Macík caught Kyziridis´s attempt. About eleven minutes later Chovan caught Kostadinov´s shot and subsequently he tipped Regáli´s dangerous shot. At the end of the match Čögley used Duga´s pass and scored – 2:1.

Ján Haspra (head coach of MFK Ruzomberok): „We were very much looking forward to today´s match, because we all like Zlaté Moravce very much in Ružomberok. The whole first half time was very even, only Laco Almási, who scored 1:0, tilted the bowl of the scales to our side. In the first minutes of the second half time we increased to 2:0. The match then began to develop in our favor. Red card on the opponent's side. It is a pity that we did not finish the match at that stage with the third goal. There were situations for this that we either did not complete in the pre-final phase or we hesitated in the final phase. In the end, we dramatized it a bit by letting the oponent reduce to 1:2. But overall, I can say that we won thanks to intelligent performance.“