MFK Ruzomberok - FC ViOn Zlate Moravce - Vrable 4:0 (2:0)

In the nineteenth round of the Fortuna league played Ružomberok with Zlaté Moravce.
4:0 (2:0)
Štadión pod Čebraťom, Ružomberok
19. kolo, 14:00
MFK Ružomberok vs FC ViOn Zlaté Moravce - Vráble

MFK Ružomberok: Macík - Čurma, J. Maslo, D. Kružliak, Urdinov – Qose, Kochan (80. Brenkus) – Kostadinov, Mustedangić (80. Takáč), Gal Andrezly (71. Kmeť) – Tandir

FC ViOn Zlaté Moravce - Vráble: Chovan – Čögley, Asanovič, Práznovský, Chren – B. Ľupták, Karlík (46. Švec) – Válovčan, Richtárech, Brašeň – Chomutov (72. Ďubek)

Goals: 16. Kostadinov, 36. Qose, 60. Mustedanagić, 85. Tandir

Yellow cards: 22. Mustedanagić, 43. D. Kružliak, 54. Kochan – 57. Čögley, 83. Ďubek

Referees: Kružliak – Somoláni, Hancko

Spectators: 1087


In the tenth minute domestic defender blocked Válovčan´s shot. After two minutes Chovan tipped dangerous Mustedanagić´s shot from behind of the penalty area. In the sixteenth minute Kostadinov scored – 1:0. About nine minutes later Chovan caught Mustedanagić´s shot after a Kochan´s corner kick. In the twenty-seventh minute Maslo did not use Kochan´s pass and guest goalie tipped his dangerous header in a big chance. After eight minutes Urdinov did not use Qose´s pass and missed the target. In the thirty-sixth minute Qose used Gal Andrezly´s pass after a free kick and scored – 2:0. At the end of the first half time Macík caught Richtárech´s attempt.

In the sixtieth minute Mustedanagić used Kostadinov´s pass and scored from border of the penalty area – 3:0. About twenty-fourth minutes guest defender blocked Takáč´s attempt. Subsequently Tandir scored after a Brenkus´s corner kick and Kmeť´s shot from border of the penalty area and Ružomberok won 4:0.

David Holoubek (head coach of MFK Ružomberok): „We went to the match with the expectation of how it will look like after a month's preparation. We were worried about it, because we lost the last game we played here with Třinec 0 :1. I expected that this match could have been quite similar, which was confirmed. We created a lot of pressure, we had a chance, and I'm very glad to have won the match in the first place, although I see a lot of mistakes in our performance. I am very happy to have given four goals, we gave a goal from a standard situation and we played the game with zero. Otherwise, I do not see it very positively. I think we can still play much better. Players will need to improve in future matches so that we can be successful and attack the positions we want.“