MFK Ruzomberok - SKF iClinic Sereď 0:0

In the first round of the Fortuna league played Ružomberok with Sereď.
0:0 (0:0)
Štadión pod Čebraťom, Ružomberok
1. kolo, 19:00
MFK Ružomberok vs ŠKF Sereď

MFK Ružomberok: Macík – Čurma, J. Maslo, Twardzik, Urdinov – Takáč (77. Brenkus), Qose, Kostadinov (74. R. Kružliak) – Daniel, Tandir, Gal Andrezly

ŠKF Sereď: Penksa – Menich, Ba, Michalík, Mečiar – Richnák (75. Adekuoroye), Baéz – Loduha (88. Hučko), Gatarić, Morong – Militosjan (46. Ulrich)

Yellow cards: 87. J. Maslo – 38. Mečiar, 88. Loduha

Referees: Očenáš – Ferenc, Roszbeck

Spectators: 1459


In the third minute Penksa tipped dangerous Tandir´s header. After twenty-one minutes later Gal Andrezly did not use Čurma´s pass and just missed the target from border of the penalty area. In the thirty-first minute Penksa caught Kostadinov´s attempt. About nine minutes later Ján Maslo just missed the target after a free kick.

In the fifty-ninth minute guest player Menich hit the goalpost. After three minutes Gal Andrezly did not use Daniel´s pass and missed the target in a big chance. In the sixty-fifth minute Daniel missed the target in a chance. About five minutes later guest defender blocked Tandir´s shot. In the eighty-eighth minute Penska caught Kružliak´s shot and after two minutes Kružliak missed the target. At the end of the match Twardzik did not use Gal Andrezly´s pass and missed the target.

David Holoubek (head coach of MFK Ružomberok): „Congratulations to the coach and the Sered team for a point. As has already been said, we entered the game actively. We had opportunities we did not materialize. We have been sticking to our goal to win the whole time. I think that even the entry into the second half was under our control when it comes to the opponent's counterattacks. We held the ball, unfortunately we were inaccurate in some activities, and I would say also hotheaded. The fact that we did not score, it happens and it can happen. The boys worked the game from the first to the last minute. I'm just sorry that they do not have awinresult, which I'm sorry about, but I think it's a nice long run, we're working on it, we'll work and we will not stop working. I think it will turn around and we'll score goals. I'm sorry we could not make a victory for our home fans. What is very positive for me that at the end of the match for the last twenty, ten minutes the boys from the youth category came into the game and coped with it quite well. Kružliak had achance and I think Brenkus handled it as well. For me positive and what we did not like will be evaluated tomorrow on the video. Of course we are sorry for the draw, but it is football, it happens sometimes and I congratulate the opponent for the point.“