MFK Zemplin Michalovce - MFK Ruzomberok 0:3 (0:1)

In the eighth play off round of the Fortuna league Ružomberok played in Michalovce.
0:3 (0:1)
MFK Zemplín Michalovce
Nadstavba, 17:00
MFK Zemplín Michalovce vs MFK Ružomberok

MFK Zemplín Michalovce: Kira – Špiriak, Grič, Carrillo (46. Mitrano), Petro (68. Kountouriotis) – Turik – Diarra, Mavretić, Žofčák, P. Kolesár – Zacharkiv (58. Tounkara)

MFK Ružomberok: Macík – Čurma, Maslo, Jonec, Madleňák – Qose, Takáč – Kostadinov (80. Kmeť), Mustedanagić, Gal Andrezly (87. V. Jedinák) – Gerec (90. T. Bobček)

Goals: 31. Qose (z 11m), 52. Gerec, 82. Gal Andrezly

Yellow cards: 30. Mancilla, 36. Grič - 9. Madleňák

Referees: Ochotnický - Roszbeck, Borsányi

Spectators: 873


In the sixth minute Mustedanagić missed the target. Subsequently domestic players had more chances, but missed the target. In the twenty-fourth minute Kira caught Qoses´s attempt. After six minutes Gerec was fouled in the penalty area and Qose scored from a penalty kick – 0:1. Subsequently Kostadinov did not use Gal Andrezly´s pass and just missed the target in a big chance. In the thirty-ninth minute domestic player Diarra did not use Žofčák´s pass and Macík caguht his shot in a big chance. About three minutes later Peter Kolesár just missed the target from border of the penalty area.

In the fourty-nineth minute Macík tipped dangerous Diarra´s shot from behind of the penalty area. After three minutes Kira tipped Mustedanagić´s dangerous shot before Gerec and he scored – 0:2. In the sixtieth minute Kira tipped Mustedanagić´s shot from border of the penalty area. Subsequently domestic goalie caught Maslo´s header after a Mustedanagić´s corner kick. In the sixty-fourth minute Petro blocked Gerec´s hard shot and home player was injured. About five minutes later Macík tipped dangerous Kountouriotis shot from behind of the penalty area. In the seventy-seventh minute Kira tipped Gal Andrezly´s shot in a big chance. After three minutes later Žofčák was injured. Domestic team could not change anymore and had to play with ten players. In the eighty-second minute Gal Andrezly scored – 0:3. About five minutes later Kountouriotis missed the target from behind of the penalty area. At the end of the match Tounkara just missed the target in a chance and Ružomberok won 3:0 in Michalovce.