FC Nitra - MFK Ruzomberok 0:0

In the tenth round of the Fortuna league played Ružomberok in Nitra.
0:0 (0:0)
FC Nitra, a. s.
10. kolo, 17:00
FC Nitra vs MFK Ružomberok

FC Nitra: Hroššo – Kuník, Križan, Niba, Chovanec – Kóňa, Šimončič, Charizopulos (60. Fábry) – Valenta (53. Lola), Balaj, Ivančík (84. Abrahám)

MFK Ružomberok: Macík – Jonec, J. Maslo, D. Kružliak – Daniel (90. P. Maslo), Qose, Kochan, Kupec – Gal Andrezly, Takáč (84. Sapara) – Kunca (74. Haskić)

Yellow cards: 53. Križan, 87. Abrahám - 52. J. Maslo, 90. P. Maslo

Referees: Pavlík - Bobko, Kováč

Spectators: 1150


In the ninth minute Hroššo tipped Qose´s shot. After three minutes domestic player´s blocked Daniel´s dangerous shot. In the seventeenth minute Takáč did not make use of a Daniel´s pass. About five minutes later Hroššo caught Kunca´s shot. In the twenty-seventh minute domestic goalie tipped Qose´s header. About twelve minutes later Ján Maslo missed the target after a Takáč´s corner kick. Subsequently Hroššo caught Kunca´s shot. At the end of the first half time Macík caught Niba´s header.

In the forty-ninth minute Hroššo tipped Daniel´s shot. After six minutes domestic players blocked Daniel´s attempt on a corner kick. In the sixty-eighth minute Macík tipped dangerous Šimončič´s shot and about three minutes later guest goalie caught next Šimončič´s attempt. In the eighty-fifth minute Macík tipped Fabry´s shot.

Norbert Hrnčár (head coach of MFK Ružomberok): „Despite the difficult terrain, the teams offered excellent football. There were plenty of offensive actions. Each team played their own way. We were trying to combine, get the ball to penalty area after the centered balls and we made quite a lot of goal chances in the first half. Lukáš Hroššo caught very difficult situations for him. We did not score, so the match ended with a draw.“